Pool Update

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Hey Folks,
There has been a tremendous amount opinions and comments in regards to the temporary closing of the pool. Please understand that the issue is so much more complex than defiant teens. There has been threats of violence and bodily harm against residents and we’ve had at least 2 instances of mob mentalities trying to overtake our pool. We have gotten very little support from the FPD due to what they can actually do and unfortunately, they simply cannot press trespassing charges. Trust me… I tried. Without the support of our community and the FPD, the board feels the risk right now is far beyond what any resident or board member should have to endure. The poor woman the other day simply told some residents they couldn’t come in without their pool key. Before she knew it, she and others were being threatened to be shot and killed and shouts of “racism” were also thrown out there. As of today, that person is still physically and mentally shaken over the incident.
I have reached out to all the FPD chiefs with the hope to find some resolve and assistance and am really hoping I will be able to talk with them early next week and meet face to face once I return from Boston on Thursday. On behalf of PCE, I WILL be persistent. My goal is to have a community meeting a week from Wednesday after we meet with the FPD with full disclosure and a plan. You folks deserve that.
In addition, “issues” within our community are on the rise. With the recent shooting, daytime purse snatch, systematic car break ins, mob mentalities at the pool, nighttime door knockers, etc…. our community is on edge. In my opinion, we have one of the best communities in Frisco, and your board aims to keep this neighborhood safe. But we seriously cannot do it without you. Up to now, everything has ridden on the shoulders of 7 of your neighbors who volunteer ridiculous amounts of time to find solutions to all our issues for a community of over 3,000 people. Last year we implemented a pool monitor program that did fairly well. This year, not one person signed up. The results of not having any help is now showing. This is our community… this is YOUR community. Each and every one of us should stand together and protect what is ours. The days of “let them handle it” need to go and YOU need to get involved. The 7 board members can’t do it alone. Security companies are very expensive options and had been implemented before with very little success. We do not feel that is the long-term solution and the program we tried to implement this year has not proven successful. Anyway, I’m getting long winded here… but whether or not you agree, the board has taken a stand to protect its residents until we can get some feedback from those that are trained to deal with conflict resolution. We are trying to get the pool open as quickly as possible. Trust me, my kids are very upset too. Lastly, if you wish to read the email I sent to the FPD, I will be happy to share it with anyone. It really shows THE FULL issues at hand and what we are dealing with. Simply email the board at: pceboard@panthercreekestates.org Oh…. lastly…. at our last meeting, by the drive of one resident, (bless that woman) we have reinstated our Security Committee. Keep an eye out for some news on that soon. Thanks again to everyone for their patience as we get through this issue.
Ed Mahoney, Board Chair