Pool Closed Until further Notice

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Please be advised that due to the recent events that have occurred at the pool, we are forced to close the pool for an undetermined amount of time. This was a very difficult decision to make as we fully understand how valuable the pool is to our residents during the summer months. However, we value your safety more than anything else. We agreed that the situations that have occurred over the past week have put some of our residents in very controversial and uncomfortable situations and we do not feel that is appropriate. Although we have hired a security company to assist with spot checks and on call situations, we have found that it has not been as effective as we would have liked. We would like to open the pool as soon as possible, however the board would like to meet to discuss how we can effectively keep the pool a safe and enjoyable location. We will be posting this meeting once we can get together and we strongly encourage you, the residents, to attend to hear and understand what we are dealing with and offer your support and input on how we can regain control of our own amenities.