PCE Pool Update #2

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Thank you everyone in our community for your patience and understanding while we finalize the immediate plans for opening our community pool.

I wanted to update everyone on the situation. The board met with the FPD Last Thursday and had a very informative session. They have been very instrumental in helping us understand what we can and cannot do in regards to our community safety. I should also add they have in fact, been very responsive to all our calls and concerns. There’s been a bit of FPD bashing on FB lately and I feel partially responsible for not properly offering clear details and I feel by releasing my letter that I sent to the FPD, it set the wrong tone. I want to emphasize that there’s a difference between being unable to and unwilling to do something when called upon. The police have been nothing but responsive to us and I want that to be crystal clear. That being said, the challenges we face as an HOA when dealing with residents not following rules is much more complex than any of us thought and pressing a criminal trespass charge is even more complicated. For these facts, there have been limitations to what the HOA and the FPD can do.

Now that the HOA board and FPD are on the same page, we are quickly working on the solution to pool safety so we can open the pool ASAP.

Your HOA board held a work session this morning to discuss our options and we feel we have found a temporary solution. It will most likely take the week to work out all the details. We must have a meeting to vote on this proposal. The board is hosting a special meeting this Wednesday at 7:00pm at the SEM elementary cafeteria. We encourage you to show up to get the details of our proposal as we move forward and vote to reopen the pool shortly thereafter.

We will also be discussing the overall safety of our community. Again, I think my letter set the wrong tone because based on statistics from the police department, which we will be sharing at the special meeting, the amount of police related issues in PCE has gone down this year. Sometimes, social media misrepresents the facts and I think I simply got caught up with the FB rants that I’ve been seeing and I failed to properly represent the situation accurately. I TRUELY apologize for that.

Lastly, I want to reiterate that this is our community. Each one of us belong to it and it is everyone’s responsibility to be part of it. Please come to the meeting this Wednesday and learn how you can help keep our neighborhood one of the best communities in Frisco.

Ed Mahoney, Board Chair