The Panther Creek Estates Public Improvement District (PID) was established by the City of Frisco in response to a proposal by developer Intermandeco to expedite the building of two city parks, Bob White and Mourning Dove and enhance the entrances and green spaces in our neighborhood. The initial funds for this project were financed through the city bond process. Each home was assessed $2500 to be paid at closing or over 20 years billed in installments annually directly by the city of Frisco. The Maintenance and Operation of these PID areas (with the exception of the city parks) was then turned over to the Panther Creek Estates Homeowners Association through a 20-year lease with the City of Frisco and fees were set in combination with the HOA assessments to be collected semi-annually. Originally these funds were billed separately (PID); however after meeting with the city, the board of directors was able to consolidate this process thereby saving the HOA in printing, postage and accounting.

In summary, the bill you may receive from the City of Frisco in September was for the original construction of our open spaces, and the bill you receive from the HOA twice per year is for the ongoing maintenance.

Not everyone will necessarily receive a bill from the City.  Some owners paid this in full at closing.

For more specific details on the formation and operation of the Panther Creek Estates Public Improvement District see the documents on our documents page.

For information on the status of the $2500 City Assessment please contact Minta Hovland at 972-292-5575. The HOA has no more information than what you will find in the documents section.

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