The field at Tyler & Honey Grove is owned by the City of Frisco and will be a large “Community Park” similar to Warren Park on Eldorado West of Preston. It will have soccer and ball fields, tracks, bb courts, parking and lots of green space.

UPDATE  August 19, 2016

NE Community Park is well underway!    Construction is moving along nicely.   The Park’s build out has been broken down into multiple Phases.    “Phase I” should be completed by Spring 2017.    Here is what is included in PHASE I.


  •          8 lighted multi-purpose fields currently shown at 225’x360’ in size

•             40,000 square foot lighted Skate Park (largest in North Texas) 

•             Covered Pavilion and viewing area internal to Skate Park

•             2.5 acre stocked pond with pier

•             Water Well for Irrigation of site

•             Playground with equipment for all ages

•             978 Parking Spaces

•             8’ wide loop walking trail

•             Bench Seating along walking trail and in Plaza near Skate park

•             Interactive Public Art display

•             Concession Building with covered pavilion area

•             Picnic tables located under the covered pavilion area

•             Men’s and Women’s Restroom Facility

•             Vehicular and Pedestrian Way finding signage


Update January 2014:
The City of Frisco has scheduled community meetings to discuss the park. For more information Click here.

Update July 2014:

The master planning process is nearly complete.  Public meetings have been held and a recommendation was made to the Parks and Recreation Board.  The final step will be for City Council to approve the Master Plan.  That is anticipated to take place in the next month or two.  Details of the recommended master plans can be found in the below link.  It will likely be close to another year before any portion of the park is ready for use.

Master Plan Reccomendations

Update September 2014.

The Master Plans have been completed and approved by City Council on September 16, 2014.  The Master plans serve as an overall guide or vision for how the park should develop.  It is anticipated the park will get developed in several phases over several years.  During that time it is possible for some things to change or be modified slightly based on the needs of the city.  Major changes would require the Master Plan to be re-worked and re-approved by Parks and Recreation and City Council.


NE Park Master Plan – FINAL


Skate Park Master Plan FINAL


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