Homeowners: To obtain a pool keycard complete the Pool Waiver Form and submit it to RealManage through the information below.

If you have lost your pool keycard or have purchased a home in Panther Creek Estates and did not receive a keycard from the previous owner, you will need to pay a $30 replacement card fee for RealManage to issue you a new keycard. If you do not have a waiver on file, you will need to submit one before a keycard will be issued. The previous card will be deactivated.  There is only one pool key card allowed per household.

If you have purchased a newly built home in Panther Creek Estates, the fee is waived for the first keycard issued to a new address, you simply need to submit a waiver to RealManage to obtain your keycard.

Renters:  You will need to get your key card through the homeowner.  In most situations, the homeowner should supply you with your card upon moving in.  If not, you will need to have the homeowner fill out the Pool Waiver Form for you.  Please note: The PCE board and RealManage do not have any jurisdiction over this and cannot override this policy or issue key cards to non-homeowners.

Pool Waiver Forms, Keycard Requests, and Inquiries can be sent to RealManage via any of the following methods:

By Email: PANCREEK@Ciramail.com

By Fax: 1-866-919-5696

By Mail: RealManage, PO Box 703267, Dallas, TX 75370-3267

Please note.  Ridgeview at Panther Creek is a separate neighborhood, and does not have access to the Panther Creek Estates Pool.

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