We have 3 types of fences in PCE.

Exterior Fences

These fences back up directly to Eldorado Parkway, Hillcrest Drive and Panther Creek Parkway.  The exterior of these fences must be stained with “Behr Semi-Transparent Weather Proofing Wood Stain & Sealer “Tint Base No. 5077” mixed with Taupe ST-153”.  The fence also must follow very specific construction rules.  Please see the full rule and construction drawing below.  The maintenance of these fences is the responsibility of the homeowner.  Good maintenance of these fences is vital to the exterior appearance of our neighborhood.  Since the stain specified is semi transparent, the condition of the underlying fence affects the final color.  In order to achieve the most uniform color, the fence should be power washed before staining to remove the old stain and accumulated dirt.

Open Space Fences

These fences are adjacent to HOA controller open/green space.  These fences must be 6′ wrought iron fence that is painted black.  Aluminum or other metal fencing is also allowed provided it looks like wrought iron and is painted black.  The homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of this fence.

Lot Boundary Fences

The standard lot boundary fences in All other areas have no color restrictions.  They must be 6-8′ tall and be in compliance with the city rues for fencing materials.  Frisco updated it’s fence ordinance in 2012.  All of the original builders fences are non-conforming to this ordinance.  The city allows existing non-conforming fences as long as they are maintained.  When more than 50% of the fence is replaced, the fence must be brought up to the new fence code.  When these fences are installed along the property line, they are considered “Party Structures”.  The cost of reasonable repair and maintenance of the fence shall be shared equally by the homeowners who make use of the fence.  Disputes between owners shall be decided by arbitration at the expense of the homeowners.  For details, please see Article V, Section 5 of the Declaration.

Other Structures

Some lots have concrete or brick walls.  We we will have information on those structures in a future post.

While these rules give our residents a lot of freedom in their color selections, please use good judgement and don’t do anything that could reduce the property value of your and your neighbor’s homes.  The saying “Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should” definitely applies here.  Please remember we all have neighbors.

Excerpt from the Rules and Regulations:

Requirements for fences abutting Eldorado Parkway, Hillcrest Drive, and Panther Creek Parkway (see Declaration Article IX, Section 30. I): Fences are to be 6′ Cedar board on board. See Exhibit B of Declaration for specific structural guidelines. Color required for the portion of the fence that faces Eldorado Parkway, Hillcrest Drive or Panther Creek Parkway is to be Behr Deck Plus Semi-Transparent DP326 (Taupe).

Requirements for Fences adjoining Contiguous Open spaces (also known us Green belts): Fences are to be 6′ wrought iron fence painted black

Excerpt from the Declaration:

One hundred percent (100%) of all exterior wall surfaces (excluding dormers, gables, porches, windows, doors, bay windows, or architectural elements) shall consist of masonry as defined in Frisco Ordinance No. 98-03-08, Section 36-9. Roofing shall be wood shingle or wood shake, composition, or other materials of a substance acceptable to all governing authorities, including but not limited to the City,.VA and FHA.

Paraphrased from perimeter fence color change notice May 16, 2014:

Behr Deck Plus Semi-Transparent DP326 (Taupe) is no longer available and the alternative is now a requirement based on the DCCR requirement for staining your wood fence: Behr Semi-Transparent Weather Proofing Wood Stain & Sealer “Tint Base No. 5077” mixed with Taupe ST-153. This product and service can be purchased at the Home Depot in Frisco.

Detailed construction drawing of exterior fences (from the declaration) (Click image below for full size image):

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