NE Park Master Plan Recommendations

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Last night, May 8th, the combined Parks and Rec Board and Community Development Corporation (CDC) Board recommended moving forward with the attached master plans.  These plans will now be forwarded to City Council for approval.

There are some important things to note.

First, this is a recommendation to council, our City Council could opt to make changes to these.

Second this plan will NOT be developed in one large project.  This park will be developed over several years.

Thirdly it is possible that certain amenities could change over time if the needs of the City change, this is however the recommended “blue print” that will go to City Council.

The Parks Board and CDC Board did make some minor recommendations regarding pavilions,  restrooms, and other small features that may be incorporated prior to the City Council reviewing this, however these plans are essentially what will be recommended.

There are three attached documents.

1.  The Master Plan layout of the Park.

2.  The Master Plan layout with “Phases” of development.  It is important to note that the Phases may not be completed in order.  The Skate park will be the first phase but after that the phases can be done in any order that may be necessary to meet City needs.  It is also possible they will get broken into smaller phases, or multiple phases could be completed together.  The purpose of the phasing document is to break the park into specific areas that can be done as money and needs dictate.

3.  The skate park master plan layout.  At this time there are some additional details to be worked out that will be completed as the skate park works through the design phase, however this gives the overall concept of that element.


2014-05-08 Northeast Community Park – Master Plan

2014-05-08 Northeast Community Park – Phasing Plan

Skate Park Master Plan