Below are our governing  documents.  For hard copies please contact RealManage.

General Documents Regarding Panther Creek Estates



1st Amendment


Bylaws – Amended and restated in 2008

1st amendment – Amended in 2009. Replaces article X, section 10.01.

2nd amendment – superseded by 3rd amendment below.

3rd amendment – Amended in 2013. Replaces article III, section 3.05 & 3.06.


Pool Rules (Updated 3/2/2016, supersedes pools rules in the Rules and Regulations document below)

Rules and Regulations

Greenbelt Rules

Enforcement and Fine Policy Adopted July 07 and Revised Feb 08

Perimeter Fence Color Change Notification Revised May 2014

Management Certification

Board Standards

Collection Policy:

Collection Policy – Amended and restated in 2011.

1st Amendment – Amended in 2012, replaces paragraph 5.

Document Retention Policy

Payment Plan Policy

Records Production Policy

Voting, Tabulation and Access of Ballots

Public Improvement District (PID) Informational Documents

Public Improvement District (PID) Information Sheet (General information about  a PID)

The following 4 documents relate to specific information about the PID affecting Panther Creek Estates

Panther Creek Estates PID info – 1

Panther Creek Estates PID info – 2

Panther Creek Estates PID info – 3

Panther Creek Estates PID info – 4

Other Documents

Expense Policy – 2012

Pool Waiver Form – 2018

PantherCreek Architectural Review Form

Board Resolution on Security Devices – Filed 2012.

Texas Parking Code

Pool Expansion Drawings (Click to enlarge)

Pool Expansion Drawings